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Comedy Fan?

You're in luck! San Francisco's own comedy troupe, Killing My Lobster is getting ready to rock the boat with our new show, Killing My Lobster Takes a Cruise! So if you're one for nautical nonsense, or just enjoy drinking beer and laughing your ass off, this show is for you!

Click Here to learn more, and buy tickets!

this show runs two weekends only, from Thursday, february 23rd to Saturday, march 4th. tickets are $15 general, and $12 for students with valid i.d. The show takes place at the Brava Theater in SF, at 24th and Bryant. get tickets soon because these shows sell out fast!

Want to see the show for free in exchange for volunteering as an usher? Send me an e-mail and i'll send you more information, then if you're interested, I'll sign you up and hook you up with a free ticket!

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